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Using Essential Oils for therapeutic treatment

Essential oils are different kinds of oils that are extracted from plants and contain a liquid compound to give the oil an essence of nature or a soothing fragrance. Different individuals and businesses use different types of methods to extract the oils from different kinds of plants but most are extracted by using the distilling method.

Essential oils hold a great importance in the field of alternative medicine. Several medical studies have been carried out that prove that therapeutic essential oils can provide the essential boost to the metabolism and flush different kinds of toxins from the body.

Most of the essential oils are applied through massaging different muscles that helps the body relax and reach a peaceful state. The fragrance embedded in the essential oils also help the mind relax provides a relaxing experience.

Clinical studies have shown that therapeutic essential oils have the capability to help drug addicts through detoxification process. Different oils also boost the immune system of the body and help it regenerate cells quickly. Essential oils have also been known to increase the oxygen level in the bloodstream.

Here’s Dr. Josh Axe explaining how you can balance the hormones of your body using essential oils.

Essential oils are also widely used in different kinds of aroma therapies, where the natural scents are used to create an ambiance where patient can relax and enjoy a serenity.

Depression, anxiety and bi-polar patients are known to benefit a lot from these kinds of therapies.

Over the past decade, essential oils have gained immense popularity around the world and especially in America, due to their beneficial effects.

Therapeutic essential oils cleanse the body, strengthen the muscle, boost the immune system and flush any kinds of toxins from the body. All of these effects combine to make essential oils a great healing therapy.

Alternative Medicine – What modern science cannot explain?

Medicine has been the part of human life since the stone ages. As human beings we have relied upon different kinds of substances and products in nature to help out body heal quicker and ward off diseases that otherwise would have killed our species.

Alternative medicine refers to the products, procedures and methods that are inspired by the natural products and do not have any kind of artificial base to them. Different kinds of alternative medicines were developed by different cultures based on their climate, ecosystem and needs.

Some of the alternative medicine procedure have been practiced for hundreds of years. The biggest difference that alternative medicine have from traditional medicine is that they attempt to heal the spirit along with the body.

In most ancient cultures it is believed that when a person becomes sick their body and spirit both require nourishment and help in order to fully recover.


Modern science has not advances enough to understand the rules and laws that govern spirit and rely on numbers and physical evidence in order to heal different kinds of ailments.

Alternative medicine use the body’s own reserve of energy in order to heal and provide strength to the patients.

Unlike traditional medicine most alternative medicine do not carry any kind of side effects to their usage and practice because they are created from the natural means using the natural substances. Absence of artificial substances and unneeded preservatives makes the alternative medicine a great means to attain health and well being without suffering from the side-effects.

Techniques such as Acupuncture, yoga and breathing exercises are the most prominent examples of alternative medicines. These techniques have proven their effectiveness by helping millions of individuals attain physical as well as spiritual health. Alternative medicine not only connects the soul with body but also instills a very positive energy in the patients to help them heal quicker.


What are essential oils and how you can benefit from them?

Essential oils are substances that are created by the mixture of different extracts and essence from different types of plants and flowers.

Oils and herbs have been used for thousands of years in order to treat different ailments. Researchers have also been able to discover the use of Oils and other plan related ointments in ancient Egypt for cosmetic purposes.

Essential oils area also known for their relaxing and therapeutic properties, even in modern world thousands of massage centers and alternative medicine healing centers use different kinds of oils to treat their patients.

Most of the oils used in the alternative medicine are extracted from ingrown botanical gardens that contain different variants of plants and shrubs that are grown naturally without introducing any kind of stimulant of pesticides that helps the plant grow naturally and contains better health related properties. After extractions these oils are distilled to improve their purity and then distributed throughout the world for general consumption and usage.

There several health related and therapeutic properties associated with essential oils, some of the most prominent and proven benefits of essential oils are discussed below.

  • Our brain responds to smells even quicker than sight or touch. Different kinds of smells and fragrances activate a particular set of nerves in the body. Pleasant fragrances like Lavender, Orange and Jasmine are considered to be strong stimulant that help the person relax and achieve deeper and more fulfilling sleep.


  • Modern world has become increasingly reliant on technology leading to lack of exercise, consumption of unhealthy food and different kinds of toxins in the air and water all contribute to diminish the energy levels of the body. In such circumstances essential oils have proven to provide the body with cleansing and re-energizing properties that help the body process toxins and other harmful substances for a healthier spirit, mind and body.